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OneBe Announces Investment from Intel Capital
Bolsters Remote Data Wiping Security Business

OneBe Inc,

Tokyo, Japan, November 15, 2011 - OneBe, Inc. announced it has received investment from Intel Capital, the strategic investment arm of Intel Corporation. Details of the investment were not released.

OneBe is a company that provides IT security solutions. Its core product, Trust Delete®, is a solution that reduces information leakage risks by remotely wiping important data on hard drives of PCs that have been lost or stolen.

With the investment from Intel Capital, OneBe will make Trust Delete® compatible with Intel® Anti-Theft technology built into Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. With Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based PCs, which is widely used by businesses, OneBe will further strengthen its ability to remotely wipe data and aim to further expand its business.

"There is growing demand for security among businesses," said Takashi Kato, President & CEO, OneBe, Inc. "By incorporating technology from Intel, we will improve our remote data wiping features and accelerate growth of this business."

"As IT investment by businesses becomes more active, demand from businesses for Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based PCs is growing," said Kazumasa Yoshida, President, Intel K.K. "By adding OneBe's remote data wipe to our services, we will be providing businesses with even more reliable computer solutions."

"OneBe's security product portfolio aligns perfectly with Intel's objective to provide secure computing environment for PCs, Ultrabooks, Smartphones and Tablets," said Sudheer Kuppam, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Intel Capital. "Demand for security solutions is growing globally, and we will continue to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship in this space."

About OneBe

Founded in June, 2006, OneBe Inc. is engaged in the development and sales of data wiping products. Its core products are the remote data wiping solution, Trust Delete®, and the data wiping gadget, Digital Shredder.

About Intel

Intel is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world's computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at

About Intel Capital

Intel Capital, Intel's global investment and M&A organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, mobility, health, consumer Internet, digital media, semiconductor manufacturing and cleantech. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$10.4 billion in over 1,185 companies in 51 countries. In that timeframe, 194 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world and 286 were acquired or participated in a merger. In 2010, Intel Capital invested US$327 million in 119 investments with approximately 44 percent of funds invested outside the U.S. and Canada. For more information on Intel Capital and its differentiated advantages, visit

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Company Name OneBe, Inc.
Foundation May, 2006
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President & CEO Takashi Kato
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