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Data leakage prevention product ″TrustDelete AT″
-Corresponding Intel® Anti-Theft technology-

OneBe Inc,

February 29, 2012 - OneBe, Inc. (Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan) announced to begin selling TrustDelete AT in May.
Trust Delete is a Remote Data Wiping solution when PC is lost or stolen, and ″TrustDelete AT″ is a new product that TrustDelete® is corresponding to Intel® Anti-Theft technology.

Methods for Providing is as follows.

  • Monthly payment as Service for individuals
  • Enterprise version, building management server or Private cloud version, operated by Onebe as service for enterprise

We will provide an environment that enable users to carry out laptop at ease by using ″TrustDelete AT″, added lock function of Intel® Anti-Theft technology into Trust Delete®.

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Company Name OneBe, Inc.
Foundation May, 2006
Capital 67,000,000Yen (Capital reserve 50,000,000Yen) *As of January, 2012
President & CEO Takashi Kato
Industry R&D, Marketing and Sales for Computer security products Data delete service