What is OneBe

We specialize in a laptop security software that wipes all the important files from a lost or stolen computer.

Track Record

  • Installments: Over 500,000 units
  • Major customers: Finance, Pharmaceutical, Educational

Our OEM partners

Partnerships with OEM manufacturers.

Our Technical Aspect

Proficient TRUST DELTE Biz Technology (Panasonic Collaboration)

At OneBe, we focus in enhancing specialized high tech security software by working alongside PC manufacturers as well as with telecom companies. The TRUST DELTE Biz Panasonic collaboration is activated with connection to a 3G and 4G network. Through a connective SMS message from our administration server, security commands are sent to the client’s PC, equipped with the WWAN module. Despite our client’s PC being turned on or off, our 3 main features: LOCATE, LOCK, WIPE can be activated at all times.